Final fifth DIAD-tools partner meeting in Riga Technical University, Latvia

03-04 03 2020

During the meeting in Riga, the final versions of the training materials prepared by the project partners were reviewed. The final corrections and additions to the material were made on the basis of the comments made at the 4th partner meeting in Estonia. Past and future project dissemination and valorisation activities were discussed.

RTU Mr. Prof. Modris Dobelis attended the meeting. The professor talked about the development of engineering graphics science from 2D to BIM, presented the results of various researches, how engineering graphics is currently taught and what methods are most effective. Prof. Modris Dobelis emphasized that the new generation also needs new teaching methods. The speaker presented various electronic teaching / learning platforms and their use in the teaching process.

On the second day of the meeting, accounting of the partners' activities and financial obligations, fulfillment of all stipulated conditions was performed.


Fourth DIAD-tools partner meeting in Estonia, Jõhvi and Narva Ida-Virumaa vocational training centre

08 – 09 10 2019

Test results of the “DIAD-tools” project were presented in Estonia, JÕHVI and Narva  Ida-Virumaa Vocational Training Center. The partners responsible for preparing the training materials provided the final versions of the project training materials. The partners commented on the time needed to organize the training material. Discussed and accepted further activities of the “DIAD-tools” project.


DIAD-tools project training at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

14-16 05 2019

May 14 - 16, 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia were organized training internship within the Erasmus + Program Strategic Partnership Innovation KA2 project "Creating interactive and animated drawing tools". The participants observed practical and theoretical training at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. During the internship, the project participants learned how to use the project's interactive DIAD-tools in the training process.  After the project training in Bratislava, experts from all partner countries had the opportunity to evaluate the training material developed. The test results will be presented at the partner meeting in Estonia on October 8/9 this year. More information can be found on the project's website at

3rd Partnership meeting in Slovakia, BRATISLAVA 06 - 07th/ 11 /2018

06 - 07 11 2018

In Bratislava, the Slovak Technical University (STU), Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Mechanical Engineering Faculty the partners of the DIAD-project presented the final versions of the training material for testing. Has discussed and adopted the methodology and structure of the DIAD-tools project. Foresaw further project activities.

First introductory meeting of the DIAD-tools project


During the 20 th and 21st November 2017, there was held the first introductory meeting of
DIAD-Tools project “Development of interactive and animated drawing training tools” No. 2017-1- LT01-KA202- 035177 at Vilnius Builders’ Training Center, in Vilnius. After the introductory speech of the director of Vilnius Builders’ Training Center, the project coordinator Ivaras Giniotis presented a short overview of “DIAD-tools” project. Each project partner briefly introduced the organization that they represent and reviewed work packages for which they are responsible. The presentation of the expected work package activities led to a discussion. Reports were prepared and presented by the coordinators of the project partners:
P2. SLOVENSKA TECHNICKA UNIVERZITA V BRATISLAVE, (Slovak), Professor: Daniela Velichova;
P3. Ida-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskus, (Estonija), Helju Virunurm;
P4. Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Antanas Vansevicius, Ph.D.;
P5. “The Lithuanian Society for Engineering Graphics and Geometry” society president, Tilmute Pilkaite, Ph.D.;
P7. Panevezys College representative Kestutis Lukosevicius;
P8. Silesian University of Technology (Poland), Monika Sroka-Bizon Ph.D.
During the second day of the meeting the project partner P5, Tilmute Pilkaite, Ph.D., presented the proposed quality assurance plan, guidelines for the development, testing and improvement of the website Project coordinator, Ivaras Giniotis, introduced project activity schedule which was accepted by all project partners. Various issues related to contracts, settlement procedures, consortium meeting schedule and dissemination were also discussed and resolved. The agenda of the meeting is placed in the intranet of the website mentioned above.

DIAD-tools project training at Silesian University of Technology, Poland, 9 -11th/10/ 2018

9 -11 10 2018

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Innovations KA2 project “Development of Interactive and Animated Drawing Training Tools” hosted a training placement in Gliwice, Poland.
               Training participants watched practical and theoretical training at the Silesian University of Technology. During the internship, the participants of the project learned how to create the project interactive teaching materials that can be used in the training process.
               Currently, the DIAD-tools project is ready for testing. More information can be found on the project website

Second partner meeting in Gliwice, Poland

11 04 2018

               The second DIAD-tools project “Development of interactive and animated drawing training tools” No. The 2017-1-LT01-KA202-035177 meeting took place in Gliwice, Poland, on April 10 - 11, 2018. The meeting was held at Silesian University of Technology. The P8 partner organized a professional meeting in his institution, seminars / trainings were held at the University Laboratory. A word of greeting was said by the University's government. After short speeches, the project coordinator Ivars Giniotis analyzed the goals and objectives of the second meeting in Poland. All partners of this project presented in detail the work packages for which they are responsible: they analyzed the interim results, anticipating further planned work, discussing emerging or anticipating future problems.

               Project DIAD-tools' Needs Analysis Study was conducted and presented by project partner P4 Aleksandras Stulginskis University Assoc. dr. Antanas Vancevičius.
After the discussion, all project partners agreed and decided to publish the "Needs analysis study" publicly.
               Responsible project partners presented initial themes variations on "Creating interactive and animated drawing tools".
1. Execution of drawings. Geometric drawing; P4 Aleksandras Stulginskis University Assoc. dr. Antanas Vancevičius.
2. Basics of projection drawing. Images. Sections. Slices; P2. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Prof. Daniela Velichova.
3. Joints of parts. Working drawings of parts; P6. Riga Technical University (Latvia) Assoc. dr. Zoja Veide and lecturer Veronika Strozeva.
4. Construction drawing. P8 Silesian University of Technology (Poland) Assoc. dr. Monika SROKA-BIZOŃ.
               After the presentation, a round table discussion took place, exploring issues of concern, solving current work problems, and sharing experiences, insights and ideas. On the second day of the meeting, project coordinator Ivars Giniotis reviewed the work done and analyzed the interim results of the DIAD-tools project.
               Project Partner P5 President of Lithuanian Engineering Graphics and Geometry Assoc. dr. Tilmutė Pilkaitė presented the webpage  prepared in the project “Development of interactive and animated drawing training tools” in all partner languages. She also trained how the Interactive Training Platform must be used. Introduced project quality report No.1.
Project partner P7 Panevezys College representative Kestutis Lukosevicius introduces a guide to working with living laboratories (for vocational teacher, teacher, student, student groups) in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia interactive distance training course material for testing, development, supplementation and improvement of technical competence.

               Project partner P3 Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Center (Estonia), Helju Virunurm
dissemination / valorisation plans. There was a round table discussion. Meeting minutes, partner presentations are provided in the internal work environment of this site.


First DIAD-tools project work – “Needs Analysis Studio”

02 2018

As part of the Erasmus + Program KA2 Strategic Partnership project “Development of interactive and animated drawing training tools” No. 2017-1- LT01-KA202- 035177 a study was conducted on the issues of drawing training, drawing learning and drawing importance on the labor market in five countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia and Poland.
              Project DIAD-tools research was carried out by project partner P4 Aleksandras Stulginskis University Assoc. prof. dr. Antanas Vansevicius.
               You can get acquainted with the “Project Needs Analysis Study” in English here.